Payback Calculator

If you have Office XP on your system then you should be able to change the factors in the "coral colored" middle column of the spreadsheet to calculate the payback for your restaurant based upon your specific situation. (Office XP with Web Components enables this interactive spreadsheet) If this page does not show a spreadsheet but shows a message instead then you do not have the software on your system to view or run this application. To down load  the Web Components for viewing try 2002/owc10.aspx , this software download will allow you to view the spreadsheet but you will not be able to change the data. Be sure to read about the minimum requirements and other technical issues before you attempt this.

The tab on the bottom of the spreadsheet will let you view various pre-set restaurant configurations and system configurations.

   Missing: Microsoft Office Web Components
This page requires the Microsoft Office Web Components.

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This page also requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 (SP-1) or higher and your system will need to be running one of the following operating systems - Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 SP4.

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