What is the Tablecheck Seating Management System?

Tablecheck is a communication system. A restaurant's tables and floor plan are displayed on the panel. Each table shows if the table is available, seated, reserved or dirty. This status information is used visually to monitor table statuses and allows for changes to be made directly on individual table image. Click this link to view a larger image.

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Why are there several display panel connected together?

Multiple display panels allow staff to monitor table statuses and update changes efficiently. The result is effective communication that turns tables faster and allows staff to give guests better service.

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How is a table status changed?

Simply touch a table using the magnetic pen attached to the panel. When you touch a table the light will change and this will be communicated to all the panels in the system.


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What are Tablecheck's greatest benefits?
  • Better Service - Your staff will be able to provide better service. The host is able to greet and make eye contact with the customers because she has the information and communication from other staff so she doesn't worry about what is going on on the floor.
  • Increased Throughput - More people served in the same amount of time. More customers are seated served and new ones reseated. Communication is organized, efficient and effective.
  • Lower Labor Costs - Staff your restaurant with one or two hostesses fewer, or send some staff home sooner, and get more done with better service. This system has measurable productivity gains. Restaurants using the system can see the reduction in labor hours per month drop while business increases.

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What are Tablecheck's best features?
  • Easy to Use - Visual and intuitive, our design takes advantage of common communication principals already at work in your restaurant.
  • Simple Training - Staff learns quickly that using the system is easier than tracking down others to communicate vital information.
  • Restaurant Tough - Proven reliable in many harsh restaurants environments.

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When is Tablecheck most effective?

During the busiest parts of your busiest shift.


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Who would find this system useful?

Full service restaurants. If your restaurant goes on a wait several times a week the pay back of the system could be as little as 6 months.



Why change from the traditional laminated map and grease pencil?

To increase your capacity, profits, service and to stay competitive.

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Scared of change?

We all are, but Tablecheck is 100% guaranteed! Therefore you can rest assured that putting in Tablecheck will be the right choice, no matter what!


Your visit is appreciated and thank you for checking out our product.

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