The "2/3's rule" for panel placement means that the host on the way back from the dining area will pass a panel with at least 2/3 of the tables behind the host.

This panel location is the key panel to locate because it will determine the extent that the system will be used. Failure to locate a panel than meets the "2/3 rule" means that the effectiveness of the TABLECHECK will be less than 100%.

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single room 50 tables panel location.gif (5247 bytes)

In this restaurant the #2 panel meets the "2/3 rule" criteria. Having a panel close to the front is very helpful especially because it helps the host stay organized and in control of table status on the floor. This rule applies to all installations from single room restaurants and multi-room restaurants.

It is necessary for a panel to be located fairly close to the front of the restaurant, (in the front 1/3 of the dining room). This panel location will greatly facilitate the host updating the system because it allows them to communicate table status easily, silently and without any extra steps. Making it easier for the host to use the system (than not easier) means management will not have to force the hosts to use the system, they will use the system because it is actually easier. When the hosts use the system the rest of the staff will use the system because they will know they can communicate easily, effectively and conveniently. This is the case even if it means more work from the non-host staff (waiters, bussers, managers).