Knowing the status of tables in an effective format that is automatically organized helps the staff maintain their composure and professional demeanor. If staff feels in control they can more readily present their best personality. People under high stress tend to focus narrowly on the problem at hand. The hosts typically will focus on getting table status information, organizing it, and making difficult choices and decisions about who to seat next on the wait list. This more often than not results in the guest being effectively ignored. This occurs at almost every busy restaurant: the guest waits to get the attention of the host; can't; and, when they do get attention they feel the host's stress and frustration. With TABLECHECK guests are greeted and engaged with confidence and the guest is the focus of the host because the hosts have the tool to gather, organize and maintain table status and availability. This allows the dining guest to truly feel welcome and appreciated.

TABLECHECK also allows staff to more accurately estimate the wait and prevent understating or overstating the wait. Staying up on seating timing, estimating the wait, especially when going into and out of a busy period can really affect the customers experience in your restaurant and can dramatically affect your profits. If the hosts don't keep the wait estimates accurate going into a busy period, guests will wait longer than they were told they had to wait for a table. If the guest is told the wait is longer than it actually is coming off a busy period and they go elsewhere, then you lose a sale!

A hidden benefit from using TABLECHECK is atmosphere control. TABLECHECK doesn't make decisions for the staff because it is just a tool. The restaurant operators are free to present whatever atmosphere or scene they choose. If they want a chaotic, cool, bustling or an elegant atmosphere then TABLECHECK will assist in helping the actors/staff pull off this act by keeping them informed and in control. What guests see and experience at most restaurants is almost always well rehearsed and planned to look and feel the way it does. The best restaurants have well trained and knowledgeable employees who literally put on a show for the guests. However, the staff needs good information to successfully make the scene seem real and effective. TABLECHECK will provide organized table statuses and the staff appropriately do the rest.

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