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Keeping your tables full is the only sure way to maximize sales (because an empty table earns no money)! When your restaurant is busy, tables are inevitably vacant longer than necessary. They are not turned immediately because staff didn't know or see the table change. The TABLECHECK system allows your staff to see tables changes right away, organize them automatically, communicate them immediately and do this quicker and easier than before with the old laminated map. This may on the surface seem like a mere convenience to make the host's job easier and more pleasant, which TABLECHECK certainly does, but this advance for your hosts means more sales for you. A one to two minute savings in turning your tables is just like adding an extra table or two to your restaurant. That could be an additional $200-400 in sales per busy shift! Over a years time that could be $31,200-$62,400 in additional revenues!

... your tables will be full of customers for more of your open hours!
... your busiest periods will be better utilized, earning maximum sales!
... you will have no more delays, no more tables sitting empty when you have a waiting guest!

How much more money does it mean in an actual restaurant?
see the profit lost in the concise analysis
see the through put calculation in the full analysis


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TABLECHECK customers tell us they experience better results than a one to two minute faster table turn. Check out the User Profiles for additional details.