TABLECHECK helps you when you are busiest. A restaurant operator can't have too much capacity during their busiest periods. A few extra tables at this time, when busy, means much more profit.

More capacity during a restaurant's busiest period means more profits. The vast majority of restaurants really only make money when they are busy and on a wait. This is due to the fact that most restaurants need a high volume to reach their break even point. During the slow part of the week the restaurant will lose money and then make up for it at the end of the week when they get real busy. A restaurant operator who captures more guest dollars when they are high profit can really change the profitability of the operation. Every additional dollar that is earned here means 70% profit or more.

An operator or owner who fails to maximize their profits will eventually find themselves out of work because restaurants equity owners employ operators who maximize profits from the restaurant operation if competition hasn't already driven the less successful operation out of business.

How much profit does it mean in an actual restaurant?

see the additional profit in the concise analysis