Connected Panels are strategically located throughout the restaurant. Each panel has a graphic map of the entire restaurant and each table has an individually switched LED light that is either
green, red, amber, off.

Select a table to view a close up of a table display light.

The restaurant's exact table arrangement is represented graphically on each panel. Each table is individually lit and switched. Viewing or changing a table's status is intuitively easy.  As the actual status of a table changes, a staff person easily updates the panel with the new information by simply touching the table on the map with the Pen which changes the light for that table on all the panels in the network.

The activity of the staff moving back and forth from their stations, the kitchen and the tables allows ample opportunity for the staff to effortlessly keep the panels current. Every person will pass a panel location and view or update the display, communicating status information effortless and efficiently. Anyone can see at a glance every table that needs to be seated, served, checked or bussed.

Each panel shows every table and communicates whether the table is vacant, seated,
needs cleaning/ resetting or is reserved!

The panels are 18.5" x 13" x 1.25".

LED  light emitting diode - a semiconductor diode that emits light when voltage is applied. This device has a life expectancy at the voltage applied by our system that exceeds 50 years. There will be no need to change a LED due to a burn-out in normal applications.

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The same table (5-5) will show these four states
on each individual panel
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To change a tables status just touch the black dot on the table with the magnetic pen.

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