The Control Panel shows the panel's run status by displaying a flashing green LED circle next to the RUN description. This flashing green light indicates that the panel is operating and will communicate with other properly connected panels. If this LED circle next to the RUN description is not flashing, (solid green or off) then this indicates that the panel has stopped running and will not communicate with other connected panels.
Troubleshooting Suggestion:
If your system is not showing a flashing green light on each panel, (you need to check each individual panel) you should try turning the system off then back on to reset the system panels. You will also need to re-update the panels to the correct states. The panels will often "hang-up" from power interruptions and fluctuations, (ie. lightning, brownout, flickering lights, etc.). If the power to your restaurant is interrupted then the panels may need to be reset. If this solved your problem then you may consider adding an Uninterrupted Power Supply-Line Conditioner to the power supply. These Uninterrupted Power Supply-Line Conditioners cost $150-$300 are available at computer & office supply stores and will help keep the panels operating when the power to the restaurant is unreliable. If you are still experiencing a problem after trying these suggestions then please call TABLECHECK service at 1-800-522-1346 or 1-800-522-1347

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