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Set Up Process & Ordering

1. Send us a layout of your restaurant. A copy of the existing laminated map with your notations on it will be best. Tell us exactly how you want the tables and layout represented. The best panel maps are relational and not necessarily to scale. Put restaurant landmarks like planters, walls, bathrooms, bar areas, patios, isles, and names and labels or rooms and dining areas.

2. Send us information about where you want to put the panels. Please review the "2/3's rule" of panel placement. This "2/3's rule" panel used mainly by host staff and managers is the key panel to properly place. If you do this correctly the system will almost effortlessly give you the outstanding results (less wait time, more customers seated per hour, lower labor costs, better customer service) other restaurants have achieved. You can expect a call from us to clarify how many panels you need and where they will be located. The thin dimensions and picture like frame make placing a panel almost anywhere very easy. Try the best spots for the host staff first before choosing alternated locations farther away from host staff. The hosts are the key staff people because if they use the system then all the other staff will use the system. Take our word for this because we have seen the system installed correctly many times and have lived through enough panels installed in less that optimal locations.

3. Once the tables and panels are set we will send you a proposal.

4. To order your system, send to us 25% of total price as a down payment and fax back the signed proposal.

5. Within 2-3 days of receipt of down payment on the system, we will fax to you the artwork for the system. If all looks correct, sign the artwork and indicate "accepted" and fax it back. If changes need to be made, mark them on the artwork and fax it back. We will repeat his until we have your restaurant exactly like you want.

6. Once the artwork is approved, we will start production of your system. In 7-10 days we will ship the system for installation. 

7.      During the system's production we will schedule with you when we can do the installation. Most installation can be completed in one day. It is best is if the system can be pre-wired prior to when the panels are installed. In new construction wiring is best done before the drywall is put up and the finish out is complete.

8. Training materials are included with the system and are most staff can set up their own brief training meeting before the shift starts. The system will work best if management sets some simple rules to start with then let the staff try working with the system. To start with try to determine the hosts needs first and work from there through the other staff. If you follow this management and staff can easily determine the most correct communication needs and necessary protocols. If you prefer to have a TABLECHECK systems trainer we can make those arrangement . For training suggestions or rule suggestions please call us a TABLECHECK. We can advise you based upon our experience with many other successful restaurant installations.

9. We will be able to monitor you during the first shifts you have the system running and can be helpful if you have questions or need to work through a problem. Call us, we would be happy to talk to you.