TABLECHECK is a dynamic communication tool capable of helping any size operation. We know that each restaurant is unique. This fact made us design the system so that is would be modular and graphics oriented so major features and subtle details could be incorporated in each system.

Virtually any size restaurant can be represented on a system. There is no maximum size limit because multiple panel systems can made. 

We welcome the design challenges to represent  your restaurant in a way that is attractive, efficient and visually effective. People will see the same map differently and we will use location details on the artwork to help everyone quickly understand what they are looking at when they view a panel.

The variations and complexities of human communication are just that varied and complex. TABLECHECK is a tool for communication. The true intelligence of the restaurant communication system resides in the staff. With the help of TABLECHECK the staff can get to their work faster and with confidence.  In both simple and complex applications TABLECHECK excels. This is a design feature that allows for the system to truly become a tool for dynamic communication which appropriately leaves the thinking and reacting to the staff.

The restaurant is displayed just like it was previously on the laminated map, only now there is a way for multiple maps to show the status. No more messy grease pencils, no more scraps of paper, notes or hostess reconnaissance to check on what tables are seated, dirty, or available.

The staff in general will use the system by looking at the display panels. From this information the staff person will know where they need to be in order to do their job. This applies to all staff from bussers, hosts, waiters and managers.

So whether the restaurant is busy, slow or in transition between the two extremes TABLECHECK will be an effective communications tool.

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