How TABLECHECK SMS has increased efficiency in these three restaurants

Cafe Oasis | County Line | Pizzaria Uno







Cafe Oasis, Anaheim Hilton & Towers, Anaheim CA

The Cafe Oasis had a good system in place before they bought the TABLECHECK SMS. Therefore, they thought that they would have only a small but noticeable improvement in the numbers of people they could seat at a given hectic shift. They projected that they would be able to seat about 8 more people during a busy breakfast. When the numbers came in, the management found that with the TABLECHECK SMS they were able to seat 44 more people in a busy breakfast. On top of that, those people never had to wait more than 15 minutes, when before they had waited as much as 27 minutes.

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County Line on the Lake, Austin Tx

At the County Line on the Lake, the system in place before TABLECHECK SMS was very accurate in the prediction of how long a person would wait for a table. Each party would be told how long the wait would be to within a 5 minute accuracy. After the TABLECHECK SMS was installed those numbers had to be revised. Whereas it formerly took 1 hour to seat a list the size of a legal pad, now it only took 45 minutes. This is a 25% increase in the number of people seated per minute in the restaurant.

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Pizzaria Uno of Georgetown, Washington DC

The size and shape of this restaurant made visibility of most table from the hostess stand virtually impossible. Several hostesses had to be employed just to run around the restaurant and find open tables for the customers. After TABLECHECK SMS was installed, they were able to reduce the number of hostesses on the busy nights. This created a great savings in labor costs!

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