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How gold medal winners prepare for the game with i3-Technologies

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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The gold medal winners of the 2020 Olympics use i3-Technologies' interactive displays for champion-level collaboration.

The Belgian Red Lions

The Belgian Red Lions field hockey team has made Belgium proud by winning the gold medal during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The female Red Panthers team also shows promise with an excellent 3rd place at the European Championships. Both teams are supported by the Belgian Hockey Federation (KBHB), which has invested in a new building called the Center of Excellence, located in Antwerp. This new headquarters is a state-of-the-art facility and a landmark that will expose Belgium as one of the top hockey countries in the world. It is comprised of all features and amenities that will support the KBHB on their way to success and assure the Belgian national team can continue to play a prominent role in the international hockey scene. i3-Technologies' interactive displays were installed in the Center of Excellence by our channel partner Classo NV

i3touch hockey league

Champion-level Collaboration

During COVID, communication and collaboration were just one of the challenges the KBHB faced. With members and players scattered across the country, they needed an easy-to-use solution to hold virtual or hybrid meetings and to be able to collaborate despite the distance. They can distribute game tactics and strategies, take notes, video conference and present using the i3TOUCH interactive flat panels. With the i3TOUCH, the KBHB meetings can be more purposeful and interactive. This will also help the Federation to save 80% of travel costs between branches.

Moreover, the national team's players and technical staff can analyze every detail with participants in other locations of the Federation. The Hockey League also makes use of the indoor air quality sensor, i3CAIR, to keep the team safe and avoid the spread of COVID in their headquarters. 

It's about making that step from an analog environment to a digital environment, which is still accessible to everyone so you don't have to be an IT specialist to use it.
Rudi Van Laer
Rudi Van Laer CEO Classo N.V.
i3touch hockey league

Reducing complexities of communication

How does the KBHB help teams pave their way into the world's top teams? Serge Pilet, the CEO of KBHB comments: "As the national hockey federation, we are also responsible for the growth of our top national teams. Thanks to the experience we have gained in recent years, we know that every improvement in guidance always leads to better sporting results in the long run."

"We must continuously optimize our internal operations and reduce complexities of communication due to the scattered locations of the teams", - says Serge Pilet. Classo NV has provided us with the i3TOUCH panels to help the teams share knowledge and collaborate better regardless of where they are, which was an excellent choice. 

Equip Yourself to Win

Aside from our interactive displays, KBHB also uses the digital signage feature, which is integrated into the i3TOUCH EX. The CEO explains: "Now we can give our loyal sponsors better visibility at all our locations". 

The digital signage feature on the i3TOUCH is one of the fastest ways to send alerts or convey important messages. It can also serve as an effective virtual tour guide across the facility. Our products are a part of an open ecosystem and allowed the Hockey Federation to incorporate the interactive displays with third-party partner integrations already present in the Center of Excellence.

Overall, the Royal Belgian Hockey Association implemented the following i3 products:

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