The Need for (Digital) Flipcharts

Written by i3-Technologies
Thursday, May 5, 2022

The University of Tennessee was on the search for educational technology to equip their new Zeanah Engineering Complex that catered to the needs and learning styles of the students and professors, and something to replace their traditional flipcharts.

The Need for a Mobile Solution

The University of Tennessee was on the search for educational technology to equip their new Zeanah Engineering Complex that catered to the needs and learning styles of the students and professors. The students in the engineering school often work in breakout groups, which were previously gathered around TV screens that had to be connected to laptops via HDMI and the traditional pen-and-paper flipcharts. 

Previously, the engineering undergrads would work in groups of four, connect their laptop to the TV monitor at the end of their common desk with an HDMI cable, and cast their work onto this screen. They would then walk over to a paper flip chart to make any diagrams or sketches by hand, and the other students would then take a picture of both the TV and paper flipchart so that they could share notes. 


The Digital Flipchart

With the help of partners at Workspace Interiors, the search was narrowed down to the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S and the i3-Technologies i3SIXTY. After the key players from the university had the opportunity to receive training and test demo units, they decided to move forward with the i3SIXTY, i3-Technologies' digital flipchart.  

The i3SIXTY digital flipchart now resides where the old TV monitor previously stood, and the students connect their laptops wirelessly, using the i3ALLSYNC wireless presenting application. The i3SIXTY is then rotated 90 degrees so that it can be used like the old paper flip chart. Now, a uniquely created QR Code replaces the need for the students to snap photos from the paper flipchart and TV monitor. 

The university installed 96 i3SIXTY displays for the new engineering school. 

i3SIXTY at University of Tennessee Engineering Class

Flexible and Functional Classrooms

Will Schleter, a distinguished lecturer at the University of Tennessee, spearheaded the i3SIXTY implementation at the new facility. i3-Technologies was able to instruct Schleter on how to best use the unique features and benefits that the i3SIXTY offers and he was able to complete this massive initiative. 

The engineering school’s new aspirational teaching/learning environment would allow for the students to work in groups of four and be able to share their work wirelessly with their immediate group; collaborate with a larger group of students, all while being able to move these interactive panels to allow unprecedented flexibility in the classrooms. They also wanted to allow the professor to appear on all of the panels simultaneously when addressing the larger class sizes.  

The i3SIXTY was able to check all of these boxes, as well as deliver other unique benefits to the school. 

Educators look for what's best for teaching and learning while balancing the available budget spend. The University of Tennessee was no exception: i3SIXTY was the clear winner for them on both fronts - what technology can deliver, and the pricing options that made sense for their budget cycle.

Discover the i3SIXTY

Interested in the i3SIXTY? Check out the next generation – the i3SIXTY 2. 

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