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Ordering & Pricing The Tablecheck Seating Management System operates with multiple display panels located at the front of the restaurant and in various strategic locations through the dining and serving areas. The entire restaurant staff will use the system to visually check on activity and will use the system to update specific changes. When a change is made on one panel  this is immediately updated to all the panels. Fast and effective communication allows staff to better serve your guest and keep tables full and productive.
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The Tablecheck Seating Management System is a visual display device that networks lighted LED display panels for table status communication of the restaurant seating or dining area. A visual display system (communication tool) has been designed and developed for restaurants but can be utilized for communications needs in hospitals, emergency rooms, offices, manufacturing, kennels and in any situation where visual communication is desired. This restaurant equipment improves efficiency by providing immediate table statuses. Tablecheck is designed to turn tables faster so the restaurant can make more profit, reduce labor costs and provide better customer service to restaurant guest and customers. Some people will know the product as a electronic seating system or a status display system. Tablecheck is a networked system, and each panel is microprocessor driven device, and 100% solid state. The product is proven restaurant tough and designed to be easy to learn, use, and maintain. Restaurant operators and investors will not tolerate theft from employees or customers so why should they settle for less when it is vacant empty tables during a wait that are stealing profits every time a table turns slowly. Each minute of time at a table in gross revenues can range from $.50 to $2.00 each minute, so a table vacant for 5 minutes needlessly could cost a restaurant $2.50 to $10.00. Now multiply that times the number of tables in a unit and you will get a very substantial number. Join the growing number of restaurants that have chosen Tablecheck to improve service, reduce stress, lower restaurant labor costs and increase efficiency dramatically.

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Restaurant seating and floor management systems for full service restaurants.

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